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Just when we thought that a home had been found, he was rejected because he would grow up to be a large race, and we started looking for a home again. Would anyone open up their home to our beautiful, beady-eyed baby son?


Female, spayed, 35cm tall. Her vaccinations are done. Very intelligent, brave and clever like a fox. She is stubborn and headstrong in a very cute way that makes you smile. Cindy is social, compatible and very adorable. We saw her on our way home, when she was being harassed by large-size dogs in Alsancak in the middle of the night. She has been living with us since then.


16-months-old female. She has been spayed and her vaccinations are done. She is 35cm and 16kg. Her previous owners left her with us for boarding when they went on vacation but decided not to get her back, so she is with us now. She is very active, compatible, social, a little stubborn, really into food, and gets along with other dogs and cats. She has been trained for walking on a leash.


9 months old, 50cm tall, not spayed. Su Perisi is a very cute, docile and very compatible girl. She prefers the company of humans over that of other dogs. Her mother and eight siblings were living on the streets. Unfortunately, two of the eight babies got sick and became angels. Our girl and her five siblings have been our guests since then.

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