It was midnight, and I saw this sweet child on a Facebook post. The post said "He can't handle living in a shelter at 13 years old"...
Of course he can't. Think about it. He has lived in a home, and has possibly spent 13 years at the end of a chain, drinking mossy water and eating moldy bread... But he had a family; he did not fight for food on the streets; what he knows is that he was getting served a piece of bread.
Is the shelter anything like that? There, every minute, there is a struggle to stay alive. You lie on wet, icy concrete. If you are lucky, you can snatch a piece of food among more than 20 dogs...
All this applies to a young animal... If the child is 13 years old, then the stage begins where he is begging for the torment to end, every single day.
I am sure that Ateş (Fire) was like fire when he was a young dog; now he has difficulty walking, his eyes can't see well, his hair has fallen out, he has lesions because of fungal infections... Because his family has ABANDONED him to the shelter since he got old, without caring about his wounds opened by thousands of ticks and fleas.
I saw him on the post at midnight, I wanted him very much, and I TOOK HIM IN.
Welcome to my home and my heart ATEŞ, I promise you that your mother will never abandon you.

(To apply for adoption, you must be at least 25 years of age.)

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